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3 Things Every Podcaster Should Understand About Their Stats

With all the attention podcast statistics are getting right now, we thought it seemed like a good time to sum up the most important things podcasters need to know when it comes to crunching those numbers…and making them count:

podcast stats

Podcasts that are listened to from a browser window (like on a website or show notes post) do “count” as downloads. 

Contrary to what many believe, if a listener plays your podcast in their browser window, it is a download, and is recorded just like it would be if they were listening on iTunes or another podcast application. So while it’s great to get people to subscribe to your show in iTunes if possible, it’s not the end of the world if some of your listeners prefer to listen the old-fashioned way!

Blubrry and other industry leaders use sophisticated methods to accurately measure each podcast’s listenership.

Contrary to recent implications of a “Wild West” environment when it comes to reporting podcasting statistics, Blubrry and other industry leaders have long ensured that download data is accurate, measurable and honest. In particular, Blubrry has always taken great pride in the accuracy of our statistics, which means we work hard to cancel out erroneous downloads via constant monitoring and proprietary algorithms that we regularly tweak. Blubrry has built custom filters to prevent fraud, and in some cases, even white label IP’s that originate from enterprise networks.

So if you’re using Blubrry statistics, you can be confident that the number of downloads reported for your podcast is as accurate as is scientifically possible. Combined with the provided show trending data, podcasters can get a very good picture of their show’s overall audience size and whether the show is growing.

Numbers aren’t everything. 

As RawVoice/Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane said emphatically in our recent Q&A about 2016 podcasting trends: to Blubrry, you’re more than just a set of numbers! Whether your show is large or small, or you have 50,000 listeners per episode or 10, you’re important to us – and as they continue to evolve along with this space, you’re increasingly important to advertisers, too.

The upshot? Definitely keep an eye on your podcast stats – they can tell you a lot about trends and help you watch your audience grow, and they’re essential for landing deals with advertisers. But don’t obsess. Numbers are important, but they aren’t everything. Focus on creating the highest-quality content you possibly can and building a relationship with your audience, and watch your influence – and yes, over time, your stats – grow.

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PowerPress Wonder Why?

PowerPress did not just happen, it came to be because of  a vision to give Podcasters better tools so they can focus on creating content letting PowerPress and our tools do the heavy lifting. Support the team that is supporting you! I show you the power of how we continue to power your podcast with hosting and podcast publishing as easy as 1,2,3.

Become a Customer Today and Support the PowerPress Team



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Roku Like a Hurricane!

Exciting news Blubrry Podcasters! Blubrry is proud to announce the launch of the Blubrry Channel on Roku. The channel is live with 200 shows and we’ll be adding more shows throughout the coming weeks as we qualify your podcasts.

The Roku Digital Video Player offers your shows unprecedented exposure — seen and/or heard directly on your audiences’ television sets. Sit back in your Lazy Boy and watch your favorite video podcast or clean the house and listen to your favorite audio podcast directly through the exclusive Blubrry Channel on Roku.

And, trust us, that’s only the start. This year marks an apex in the evolution of alternative distribution capabilities for RawVoice and our family of podcasting sites. Keep an eye out: We plan to launch other alternative distribution applications in the coming weeks and throughout the year.

Are you ready to Roku? We’re thinking yes! Let us know what you think!

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Tracking all iPads!

With Apple’s iPad now arriving in the hands of hundreds of thousands of media consumers, it is destined to be a highly popular media consumption device. We have added the iPad to the list of devices we track in our podcast media statistics service, ensuring that your media — no matter what platform it is seen or heard on — is being counted.

Our basic statistics service is free, so sign up now and add your show to Blubrry to make sure all your downloads are being tracked, including those from the iPad. Need a bit more than the basics? Check out our Podcast Statistics Premium.

This is only the beginning. Our team has been working hard on some awesome stuff, so keep your eyes peeled! We have a number of exciting announcements to make in the coming days.

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Show us – and lots of others – what you like

Um, yeah, OK we are hoping you’ll do our work for us. But we’re guessing you won’t mind. Fact is you can do it better than we can and a little face time is going to be a good thing for you and your podcast. The team at RawVoice is looking to you for video testimonials on our products and services to post on our website.

These video testimonials will reach advertisers, podcasters and corporate clients so keep that in mind when you’re putting them together. Duh, videos that are simply promotions for your show won’t make the cut.

Topics for the testimonials include:

  • Podcast Advertising: tell the world what it has done for your show and how your listeners have reacted to the spots.
  • Podcast Statistics: tell our audience – and yours – what you like best about the stats and any insights the service has given you about your audience.
  • Podcast Hosting: reveal your innermost feelings about our hosting and the tools available to each client.
  • PowerPress: so, what you like about it? Let the masses know how it has improved your show production.
  • Portal Clients: the viewers anxiously await your insights on how the portal has helped your company and how you are using it.


  • 2-3 minutes max
  • We’d like to be able to download the raw footage to edit in-house so we can put in titles and make sure it’s in the proper format. If you want to do all that yourself that’s fine, but please provide us a high quality master to work from.

Questions can be directed to creative@rawoice.com

Thanks in advance for doing our work for us. We knew you wouldn’t mind.;)

Team RawVoice

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Blubrry Introduces 4 New Features!

1st: A long requested feature is the ability to add a show promo to the podcaster’s show profile. This will make it easier for listeners to get a quick introduction to a show and allow podcasters in the network to more easily promote each other. This feature will be added to the show profile page of all podcasters in the Blubrry community.

2nd: We have added an audio embed feature to the podcasters’ show pages. We know that our podcasters’ listeners want to share episodes with others and this feature will give our podcast community members added exposure beyond Blubrry and their own websites.

3rd: Podcasters that are part of our Blubrry community can now run a semi-customizable listener survey on their personal sites as well as on Blubrry.com. We preload the survey with a handful of common questions then allow the podcasters to add questions of their own. This free feature will help every member of the Blubrry podcast community by providing them with accurate listener demographics.

4th: Podcasters that have Podcast Publishing accounts now have access to their own newsletter service. Podcasters can encourage their audience members to sign up for their newsletters on their profile here at Blubrry or on their own blogs at their websites. When you publish a podcast you can opt to send all subscribers a copy of your show notes with links to your downloadable media. This keeps listeners informed of when new shows are available on your site. Studies have shown that podcasts that employ newsletters grow audiences at a much faster rate than those that do not.

These new features are a small part of the improvements and innovations we are bringing to our podcast community over the coming year.

Team Blubrry

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Tell us what you think…really

Being the podcasting gurus that we are, you guys might think we know it all . . . and a lot of times we’d probably like to think so as well. But, know what? We don’t. You all have a lot of critical information and amazing insights that will help us improve Blubrry.com. So right here, right now, we’re asking you to take a second or two, ponder a few questions, make a few suggestions and help us to make Blubrry.com more compelling and inclusive than ever.

Thank you for your input.
Click the link below to take our brief survey (it’s only 10 questions)
Take The Survey

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How does your Show Look on Blubrry?

I have instructed the team at RawVoice to start contacting individual podcasters that are part of the community, to gently encourage them to take a few minutes and add descriptions and album art to their show listings.

It literally drives me crazy to see show listings on Blubrry that have a show name and nothing else. The biggest abusers are the podcasters from Blog Talk Radio. Many of the shows that have signed up do not have standard iTunes art. Their show descriptions are 2-3 words and in many instances no description at all.

We are going to give the shows a reasonable time to clean up their listings then if they fail to do so we are going to pull the listings.

We have prided ourselves on having very clean listings, complete descriptions for shows and rich meta data but a small subset of podcasters have made us realize that if they are unwilling to clean up their listings then they likely are not supporting the community anyway.

Issues we deal with daily
-Using the URL for their home page as their RSS URL
-Using the RSS URL as their Home Page URL
-No Show Description or a very incomplete description
-No Keywords

We want to work with everyone in the community, but it’s a two way street!

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Blubrry Development Update

We are pleased to announce some new features and changes to Blubrry!

First, the account settings page has changed. We’ve cleaned up the menu options by only providing a link to the Statisticss system (if you’ve filled out an advertising survey) and a link to the new Publisher system.

We’ve developed a new interface called the Publisher for members to manage their podcast(s) listed on Blubrry.com. Over the coming weeks we will be adding a number of features to the Publisher system for Blubrry members to utilize. I can’t get into the details what these new features include, but if you snoop around in the settings section you will find that we’re now asking for your twitter user name.

We’ve received a lot of complaints about home page coverage. We’ve changed the logic for the most recent podcast section to randomly select 4 episodes that have been created in the past few hours. we’re re-randomizing these 4 episodes every 15 minutes. This should provide fair exposure to all of the podcasts listed on Blubrry. Remember, your post has to include media in order for it to be included in the home page. blog posts will no longer be included on the home page.

Please contact us if you are having any problems or have suggestions how we can improve blubrry.

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