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Brrycast for March 2010

Quick update to the newsletter and latest blog posting. I also cover advertising opportunities that have just been launched, and where we are in the process for Quarter 3. Subscribe to the Brrycast at

Brrycast #18

RawVoice Marketing Director Rob Safuto provides lots of updates on what’s happening with Blubrry.* Description of the partnership with TalkShoe. * We have a short road show in Syracuse and Toronto. * Updates on features added to Blubrry. * Promoting your podcast on Blubrry. * Monthly ‘Learn To Podcast’ Sessions on TalkShoe. * Call for … Continue reading Brrycast #18

Brrycast #14 – Blubrry Jam, Brother Love and Jerry Cahill

On this episode of the Brrycast the following topics are covered: More info on our charitable campaign, The Blubrry Jam To Fight Cystic Fibrosis. Interview with Cystic Fibrosis Podcast host Jerry Cahill. Interview with podsafe music artist Brother Love. Debut of lead single titled Soccergirl from Brother Love’s forthcoming album. MP3 File

Brrycast #11

More updates than you can shake a stick at. Plus a little music! Topics: * New Blubrry Features – Juice It and Forum * Ad Deal Basics * Podcaster Expectations * What is Blubrry? * Update on Hosting * The iPhone Announcement Music by MotherBoard – Get it here or