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Chatting with Nancy Gaines and Gaining Insights on IAB Ad Metrics

powerpress podcastHello again! This episode of the PowerPress Podcast MacKenzie spoke with Nancy Gaines and they talked about her podcast, The Nancy Gaines Show, as well as the IAB Podcast Ad Metrics Guidelines document that was released earlier this week. For those of you that don’t know, the Hitachi Foundation helps businesses that are helping the economy thrive and improve. They also happen to have a podcast coming up soon, the Cambridge Optimists. You can submit your story to be on the podcast – that is if you’re an entrepreneur. Next up in the episode, MacKenzie learns all about Nancy’s consulting team and business and what she loves about podcasting. She’s also a big fan of Blubrry tools and services. Lastly, Blubrry was heavily involved in the creation of the IAB Podcast Ad Metrics Guidelines that were recently released to the public. These guidelines ensures everyone is on the same page for podcast advertising, and sheds light on information that not all podcasters, media buyers, etc previously were not aware of. Please, listen and subscribe! Thank you!

Nancy Gaines

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Show notes:

Submit your story to the Hitachi Foundation podcast!

Nancy Gaines

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Nancy Gaines Show

Finding A Podcast Guest for Free: HARO

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IAB Podcast Ad Metrics

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Become a Blubrry Priority Partner Show

PPPiTunesAlbumArt300On this episode MacKenzie and Todd give you all the details on what the Blubrry Priority Partner Show List is, you’ll learn how to get on the list. Blubrry has a new feature available to make advertising even easier. If you’re looking for advertising for your show, fill out the agreement and your show will be shown to every campaign we come across. Not only do they talk about advertising for your show, they discuss a recent article on how to get booked as an expert on podcasts. Todd has extensive experience in this area, so he has a lot to say on the topic. Thanks for listening, subscribe to the podcast whatever way you want, over there on the right hand side.keyboard photo-min

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Become a Priority Partner Show

Blubrry Advertising for Podcasters

Steps to Take To Get Booked As A Guest Expert

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Listener’s Choice

PPPiTunesAlbumArt-385On this episode of the PowerPress Podcast Todd Cochrane discusses multiple topics ranging from advertising to Blubrry’s new phone support. MacKenzie has been busy at the Blubrry headquarters working on the upcoming PowerPress Sites launch, coming out May 9th!, and wasn’t able to get a new episode in this week. Don’t worry, she’ll be back in two weeks with a fresh episode about using PowerPress.
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Show notes:

PowerPress Sites

Free phone support at Blubrry!

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3 Things Every Podcaster Should Understand About Their Stats

With all the attention podcast statistics are getting right now, we thought it seemed like a good time to sum up the most important things podcasters need to know when it comes to crunching those numbers…and making them count:

podcast stats

Podcasts that are listened to from a browser window (like on a website or show notes post) do “count” as downloads. 

Contrary to what many believe, if a listener plays your podcast in their browser window, it is a download, and is recorded just like it would be if they were listening on iTunes or another podcast application. So while it’s great to get people to subscribe to your show in iTunes if possible, it’s not the end of the world if some of your listeners prefer to listen the old-fashioned way!

Blubrry and other industry leaders use sophisticated methods to accurately measure each podcast’s listenership.

Contrary to recent implications of a “Wild West” environment when it comes to reporting podcasting statistics, Blubrry and other industry leaders have long ensured that download data is accurate, measurable and honest. In particular, Blubrry has always taken great pride in the accuracy of our statistics, which means we work hard to cancel out erroneous downloads via constant monitoring and proprietary algorithms that we regularly tweak. Blubrry has built custom filters to prevent fraud, and in some cases, even white label IP’s that originate from enterprise networks.

So if you’re using Blubrry statistics, you can be confident that the number of downloads reported for your podcast is as accurate as is scientifically possible. Combined with the provided show trending data, podcasters can get a very good picture of their show’s overall audience size and whether the show is growing.

Numbers aren’t everything. 

As RawVoice/Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane said emphatically in our recent Q&A about 2016 podcasting trends: to Blubrry, you’re more than just a set of numbers! Whether your show is large or small, or you have 50,000 listeners per episode or 10, you’re important to us – and as they continue to evolve along with this space, you’re increasingly important to advertisers, too.

The upshot? Definitely keep an eye on your podcast stats – they can tell you a lot about trends and help you watch your audience grow, and they’re essential for landing deals with advertisers. But don’t obsess. Numbers are important, but they aren’t everything. Focus on creating the highest-quality content you possibly can and building a relationship with your audience, and watch your influence – and yes, over time, your stats – grow.

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Podcast Advertising Opportunities

PPPiTunesAlbumArt-385This episode of the PowerPress Podcast was a little different. Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice and Blubrry, joined MacKenzie to talk about advertising on your podcast. It’s been a topic that they’ve wanted to talk about for a while now and you get the inside scoop on how it works with Blubrry. News kind of took a hit this week on the podcast, but MacKenzie got in her podcast chronicle of the week as well. Leave us a review for PowerPress!

The iTunes explicit / clean setting…

As we mentioned before, the setting has changed. It applies to the entire program (also referred to as the RSS channel) as well as to the episodes (also referred to as RSS items). iTunes has rolled out an update to their podcast directory that now strictly displays, either a ‘clean’ or ‘explicit’ tag next to each podcast program listing, as well as next to each episode. The previous behavior allowed for a 3rd option, which was the ability to not specific clean or explicit. Most podcasters selected the ‘no’ option for the explicit which displayed nothing. The belief was that the ‘clean’ tag was intended for content that was safe for all ages and if you show wasn’t intended for children, it didn’t matter. Now it does. Please take a moment to review your PowerPress setting and make sure you have ‘clean’ or ‘explicit’ selected in your settings under iTunes.

Intro and outro music provided by Phonophage

Show notes:

Email Todd Cochrane

Blubrry Advertising

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Lets Talk Podcast Statistics

As part of my fiduciary duty at RawVoice, I am required to make sure all of our advertising campaigns are reporting and being billed correctly.  Having highly accurate reporting is priority number one to me so that we can pay our podcasters on ad deals fairly, but also to ensure our advertisers are billed only what we have delivered.

I love statistics; it was one of my favorite courses in college so I often drive my team members crazy by asking them to calculate a weird stat or explore a new trend. What I aim to do in this series of articles is answer questions you might have on podcasting trends and provide you helpful insights. Feel free to reach out to me via the contact info on the site to send me questions.

Today, I want to talk on two topics: Truth in reporting podcast statistics; and a new statistic we’re calculating for our corporate clients that shows what percentage of a media file is actually streamed and / or downloaded.

I have been managing podcast ad deals since 2005 and have seen the good, bad and the ugly.  My sole philosophy when it comes to podcast stats is simple: I don’t care what the number is so long as I know what the true number is.

Truth in Reporting.

A week does not pass without someone contacting me to tell me they have 100,000 listeners per episode and want to work with us on securing advertising. My response to them has always been to get on our stats and we will talk in a couple of weeks. Often, the follow-up discussions are spent explaining to them why their audience size assessment was inaccurate.

The past couple of years we have been involved in the audits of podcasters’ reporting data that has more times than not ended disappointingly for the podcaster. It is not usually negligence on their part, rather their trust in a home-grown tool, or some non-podcast stats system.

Let’s look at the impact of improper reporting. If a podcaster was audited to have delivered 100,000 downloads from a trusted stats system, yet had originally billed for 500,000 from a system they employ, this will significantly, negatively impact the performance of the campaign, not to mention the cash that has to be returned to the media buyer.

The podcaster may be denied a follow-on campaign, whereas they may have extended the campaign had the initial reporting been accurate. These situations cause advertisers as a whole to lose faith in podcast advertising.

What constitutes a trusted stats system? From experience, we know that we have to tweak our stats engine weekly to keep up with all the bots, rouge apps, bad code and the overall deviations on the Web. We also know you need volume to see trends. For instance, we found a recent update of a browser that was causing bloated numbers — without weekly monitoring that would have caused inflated data.

If you have created your own solution, and it does not have the scale/volume and safeguards to see and flag trends such as a single-browser version inflating calculations, over time issues such as this will compound and cause inaccurate numbers reporting, both high and low. Most shows and networks do not have the time, traffic volume or staff resources to track such changes.

Media buyers are already starting to ask hard-hitting questions, and some are implementing or contracting statistics solutions that require podcasters to be on the media buyers’ tracking and stats system. You do not want to be on the wrong side of reporting numbers when an audit puts you in a position that could have a negative financial impact.

If you are a member of a network and they are doing ad deals for you, your reputation could be damaged by improper reporting, so always question the network leadership about how the podcasts statistics are being determined. As important, ask questions of your existing stats provider.

How much of a media file is being streamed / downloaded?

We recently did some research that we revealed at the New Media Expo this past January. We have been studying activity that can be broken into five categories detailing what occurs when a media file is queried. We found the following information that should give you some new insights into media consumption.

To do this, we took a snapshot of a network of podcasts, episodes in this network had billable downloads ranging from 2,000 downloads to 120,000 downloads per episode. We took a one-month sample of every episode / show and averaged out the totals below.

  • 55.9 percent of downloads where uncountable (duplicate, repeats, bogus)

  • 5.7 percent were unique IP completed downloads

  • .8 percent were repeat completed downloads

  • 17.7 percent unique IP partial downloads (2 percent-99 percent)

  • 19.9 percent repeated partial downloads (2 percent-99 percent)

Now these numbers may shock you, but take into account that the network ended up having more than 5.60 million billable downloads.

In future posts I will go much deeper and explain details on each of the above data points. What I want to impress upon you today is that unless you have specifically coded a filter for requests that are duplicate, repeats, bogus, etc., it is easy to understand how a show could end up with 55 percent more reported downloads than actually occurred.

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We’re giving thanks for our growing family with a free hosting transfer

'Tis the season of love, family and appreciation and we're incredibly thankful for our more than 13,000 content creators and our growing family of online broadcasters. To help show our gratitude, we're offering all new media hosting customers free transfer of up to 10 gb of your media from your old host to Blubrry now through Dec. 31.

Blubrry Podcast Hosting is highly integrated for those of you who are using WordPress with the PowerPress plugin.

We combine premium stats, media hosting, advance tools and multiple avenues to grow and support your show. You focus on the media creation; we'll take care of the rest. And now, get your existing shows transferred to us . . . on us. Just make sure you have a valid RSS feed with links to the old episodes and contact us at and we'll get you going!

Support the company that supports you!

Happy holidays! We're thankful for you!

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If you want to view paradise . . . join us at BlogWorld and New Media Expo!

We’ve got our golden tickets! We’ve got a golden twinkle in our eyes! We’ve got our golden tickets to BlogWorld and New Media Expo! Do you? OK, that didn’t rhyme so well, but we know you don’t mind. After all, you are the media makers and you are the dreamer of dreams and we can’t wait to see you at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Oct. 15-16!

Come with us! We’ll open the doors to a magical world swirling with delicious digital media production, promotion and distribution opportunities! We’ve got so much time and so little to show you! Wait, strike that, reverse it.

Truly, if you want to view paradise — and who doesn’t — come with us, let loose your pure imagination and:

  • Indulge or overindulge your wildest digital media fantasies! Frappe 70 percent love of podcasting with 35 percent passion of blogging and 2 percent butterscotch to cook up a beautiful union with RawVoice CIO Angelo Mandato and Creative Manager Brian Yuhnke at the session Blogging and Podcasting Sitting in a Tree … Optimizing a WordPress Site for Your Podcast!
  • We know you want it, you want it all and you want it NOW! And you can have it! Join RawVoice CEO Todd Cochrane in his session, The Triple Play: Streaming, Podcasting and Blogging as a Way to Accelerate Your Show’s Growth and Distribution, to find out what’s in all this everlasting, ever evolving media for YOU!
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  • Hop onboard! Come find us on the floor in the exhibit hall and we’ll share just where we’re going . . . cuz our excitement keeps on growing and our community pride is showing and there is NO sign of slowing!

We’re clutching our golden tickets to BlogWorld and New Media Expo and counting the hours ‘til we see you there! That’s right, we’re committed to turning you into a Blubrry! . . . er, fan, if you weren’t one already.

Sure, candy is dandy but liquor is quicker and we’ve got some fun plans in the mix. But sorry, no little people with bad hair this time around.;) This year we’re focused on investing in you because, we know full well what happens to men and women who suddenly get the audience growth, monetization and mass media distribution they want . . . They live happily ever after!

RawVoice: Are you in this picture?

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